Thorn by Intisar Khanani

3 / 5 starsRead in January 2021Book #1 in the Dauntless Path series The beginning of this book started off so well that I was sure I was going to fall in love with it. Yes, it was a bit slow at first, but it also introduced a heroine I could root for, intriguing side characters, and a... Continue Reading →

Cast in Firelight by Dana Swift

5 / 5 starsRead in January 2021Book #1 in the Wickery series This was such a great read to start off the year! The characters, the romance, the tropes, the twists and turns, the magic system... all of it was just so much fun! Cast in Firelight is told in dual 1st-person POV between Adraa and Jatin, two... Continue Reading →

Warmaidens by Kelly Coon

2 / 5 starsRead in January 2021Book #2 in the Gravemaidens duology Unfortunately, I did not enjoy the conclusion to this duology as much as the first book. This confirms my thoughts that Gravemaidens would have made a strong standalone novel, as the high stakes and intrigue that made it such a page-turner were unfortunately absent in Warmaidens.... Continue Reading →

Restless Slumber by K.J. Sutton

4 / 5 starsRead in October 2020Book #2 in the Fortuna Sworn series You know that bittersweet feeling you get after finishing a book? The love for its story and characters and the pride that you finished it, combined with the sad reality that it's over? I was in the final stretch of this book and thought... Continue Reading →

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