Restless Slumber by K.J. Sutton

4 / 5 starsRead in October 2020Book #2 in the Fortuna Sworn series You know that bittersweet feeling you get after finishing a book? The love for its story and characters and the pride that you finished it, combined with the sad reality that it's over? I was in the final stretch of this book and thought... Continue Reading →

Gravemaidens by Kelly Coon

3 / 5 starsRead in September 2020Book #1 in the Gravemaidens duology Within the first few hours of finishing this book, I probably changed my rating at least five times. While I got through Gravemaidens very quickly and truly did enjoy certain elements, there were other aspects I found incredibly frustrating that caused me to set down... Continue Reading →

As The Shadow Rises by Katy Rose Pool

4 / 5 starsRead in September 2020Book #2 in the The Age of Darkness trilogy A 3rd person multi-POV fantasy story with complex, memorable characters, an apocalyptic setting, and Greco-Roman vibes, the Age of Darkness trilogy deserves more love with everything it delivers. Book two, As The Shadow Rises, expands the world and characters we grew to... Continue Reading →

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