Twin Daggers by MarcyKate Connolly

2 / 5 starsRead in August 2020Book #1 in the Twin Daggers seriesPublished August 25, 2020 Marketed as a fantasy spy thriller spin on Romeo and Juliet, I was very hopeful Twin Daggers would break the cycle of lackluster YA Fantasy ARCs I've read over the last several months. Yet like many other reviewers, I unfortunately had a... Continue Reading →

Ignite the Sun by Hanna C. Howard

3 / 5 starsRead in August 2020Publication Date: August 18, 2020 Although it took me awhile to finish this book, Ignite the Sun included several elements that I rather enjoyed, leading me to give it a solid 3 stars. My favorite part of this book was by far the worldbuildling. Going into the story, I... Continue Reading →

The King’s 100 by Karin Biggs

3 / 5 starsRead in July 2020Published July 21, 2020 I would have loved this book in junior high. A YA story where teenager characters act, talk, and think like teenagers, The King's 100 includes action and intrigue but overall offers a lighter tone with teen drama and romance. Readers in junior high or early... Continue Reading →

Shielded by KayLynn Flanders

3 / 5 starsRead in July 2020Book #1 in the Shielded seriesPublished July 21, 2020 In the original mini-review I posted on Goodreads right after I finished this book, I compared reading Shielded to eating your favorite meal at a chain restaurant. For YA Fantasy fans, the flavors you expect are there so it's fairly... Continue Reading →

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